S​/​T E​.​P (2012)

by Firetruck Rally

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vocals = ben
bass = ben
drums = yoni
guitars = shimmy


released December 21, 2012

Recorded by Eli Pikover at "Pikover Studios"
Mastered by Alan Douches at "WWSM"
Produced by Firetruck Rally & Eli Pikover
Art by Emily Sommerfield



all rights reserved


Firetruck Rally Israel

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Track Name: Demolition Man
Here he comes, Watch your back
The demolition man. He is more destructive than you
But he can destroy you with a blink of an eye
When he goes mental, you better stay away boy
Its Demolition Man
Track Name: No Redemption
No Redemption
No Salvation
Eventually we're all gonna die!
Track Name: Regression
It's been a while since the last time we met, and I thought that time will do the work and heal the wounds.
You came back to my life like a storm wrecking the remains of my heart.


I swore to myself not to fall for you and I failed,
Once again REGRESSION.
Track Name: Singalongs About Nothing
You got a word you got something to say
You got a shirt of Youth of Today
You're mesmerizing all the lines, cliche' unity and hardcore pride
And im wondering to myself is it a rip off?
I've heard it before
Singalongs about nothing
Track Name: Open Letter To A Cop
Every time you come around
I just wanna run
People like you make me wanna puke
Fuck you!
I wont show up to your funeral
I wont shed a tear
Fear and hatred in the city
I wont cry when you die
You Fucking Pig!
Track Name: We Know Nothing
A pair of fists, the cure for their secret hand shakes but maybe I'm wrong and It's time for plan B.

The little that we know will get us allot of trouble when we cant take one sided rumble.
Gotta get it of my chest but when I fit among the rest.
I understand resistance is futile.

But I did nothing that justified my destiny
The only crime I did I'd rather to be me

Gotta lay off my negative baggage,
But I don’t know where don’t know when don’t know how.

We know nothing

A plan b we need I plan b or else we're doomed.
Track Name: You're A Star
I bet that you're looking at the mirror
Thinking to yourself' yeah you're the man
And I bet you think that everyone loves you
You crack a smile for your so called friends
Shine on, yeah you're a star
Yeah you're a star!
Keep on shining above all of us
Keep shining
Because on day you're gonna fall down
You're gonna fall down
Yes you're gonna fall!